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TMS Demonstrations by Dr. Johnson

Attend one of our monthly demonstrations.  Dr. Johnson interactively explains TMS and attendees get to speak to a former TMS patient. If possible, you will get to see a patient receive a treatment. There will also be a Q&A Session with Dr. Johnson. Light refreshments will be served.

2018 Dates: June 20th, July 18th

Where: Sarkis Family Psychiatry, 529 Northwest 60th St Gainesville, FL 32607

Time: 6-7:30 PM

RSVP: Call Eric Dutton at 352-240-6011 , *Space is limited*


My name is Marie and I am a recovering depressed person. That is the best way I can think to put it. I am sharing my story so I can assist others that have suffered as I did so they can find alternate methods of treating their depression other than the medications that are currently the primary method. When I first came in for treatments, I was so negative. My anxiety was overwhelming. This went on for a couple weeks. At approximately week three, the depression started lifting a little bit and I started having conversations about things other than myself. By the end of the final week, I was a different person. - Age: 58, Occupation: Nurse

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